Responsible harvesting

Our real wood styles are handmade with four types of woods: bamboo, rosewood, zebra wood, and ebony wood. These materials were selected because of their sustainability, beauty, and durability - three things we keep at the forefront of the decisions we make with our products.

Sustainable harvesting is attained through different methods per type of wood. Bamboo is a favorite sustainable material in several industries because it’s so hearty that it requires no irrigation and is grown without pesticides or fertilizers. Harvesting can be done by cutting down the entire stalk, which will regenerate quickly and with minimal (or no) human interaction. With more traditional tree woods, we avoid clearcutting methods when possible, which chops the tree at the base and can kill a plant, but instead focus on harvesting methods to allow the plant to continue growing.

You’d be surprised at how lightweight real wood sunglasses can be! These sustainable styles are comfortable enough for all-day wear and provide the 100% UV sun protection you need.

With the durability that comes with using real wood, we know your glasses will be able to stand up to all the adventures you’ll go on with them. If they do become damaged though, we offer repair or replacement with a lifetime warranty on every pair to get you back on the road.

If you’re unfamiliar with our sunglasses, we invite you to explore our shop to see the versatility that comes with utilizing natural materials for our handmade styles.