Practicing Self Care

At any one moment, we bet there are no less than ten somewhat urgent thoughts running through your mind. Whether it’s your schedule to pick up the kids from practice, to the items you need to grab at the store, to the looming deadline at work or school, we’re pulled in so many different directions that you may not even realize.

Self care is important to keep your emotional, mental, and physical health in check so we wanted to share a list of ways you can be more mindful to yourself. It’s a long list, so pick out your favorite three and try to incorporate them into your life this week.

1. Have a mini declutter session.
2. Watch your favorite movie, even if it’s for the 20th time.
3. Take a long relaxing bath,
4. Burn your favorite candle.
5. Jump on your bed just like you did when you were little.
6. Turn off your phone for 2 hours.
7. Meditate.
8. Have a mini pamper session.
9. When you get home from work, throw your favorite jammies in a dryer and snuggle in the soft warmth for the rest of the evening.
10. Go for a walk or run.
11. Write yourself a love letter.
12. Wear your favorite fragrance.
13. Turn on your favorite radio station and dance away.
14. Prepare your favorite meal.
15. Go outside, lie down in the grass, and watch the clouds.
16. Write down 10 things you are grateful for.
17. Give yourself (or go out and get) a manicure.
18. Treat yourself to your favorite dessert.
19. Buy yourself flowers.
20. Do something new.
21. Have an intense workout session.
22. Do something that you’ve been procrastinating about.
23. Get up early and make yourself an amazing breakfast.
24. Slow down and be present.
25. Call someone you love.